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Bill's picture My name is Bill St. Clair. I live in the Berkshires on the New York/Massachusetts border with my wife, Karla, and our two kids: Christopher (7) and Victoria (2). We live at the Abode of the Message, a Sufi community.

I'm currently practicing Islamic prayers.

I work for Shaker Computer, currently writing a Java front-end for COINS, Shaker's enterprise information system for the construction industry.

I don't believe there are political solutions to any problem, but the libertarian party comes as close to my beliefs as any organized political organization I've come across. I believe in personal liberty, unfetterred by government regulations. There is nothing that government does that could not be done better and more cheaply by the free market. This includes, schools, roads, and defense. All drugs should be freely available with no restrictions other than being accurately labeled. Of course no smart person would ingest most of them, but that's for people to learn from experience, not to be forced on them at the point of a government gun. All guns should be freely available to individual citizens with no licenses or waiting periods; that is the meaning of the second amendment. This includes all handguns, so-called "assault" rifles, "hunting" rifles, shotguns, machine guns, bazookas, and shoulder mounted heat-seeking missiles; any weapon that could be used by an individual soldier in a war.

I have definite reasons for my opinions on drugs and guns, but haven't spent the time yet to write the essays. Later...

The prime directive for a libertarian is that it is never OK to initiate force. You can use force in self-defense, but you may not initiate force. Anyone who does initiate force must make restitution to the victim of that force. This includes government. Ensuring restitution is government's only purpose.

Three of my favorite freedom oriented sites are Wolfe's Lodge, L. Neil Smith's Webley Page, and WorldNetDaily.

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